Cooperation with Mallorca-Onlineguide is a fast-growing website with information for tourists visiting Mallorca. In addition to our blog, we are also active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and send out a twice-a-month newsletter to our users.

We are happy to cooperate with tourism companies on Mallorca if the offer convinces us and fits the content of our blog. If you are also interested in a cooperation, we have the following options:

Types of cooperation

Sponsored Blog Posts / Product Tests / Blogger Trips.

Within the framework of advertorials (paid blog posts), which are also shared on our social media channels, we report about your company on Mallorca or your product with reference to Mallorca. We present your hotel, finca, restaurant, bar, excursion, sports or other offers etc. to our readers. You are welcome to use the resulting photo and/or video material for your own advertising.

Social Media Campaigns

On our successful social media channels with a total of over 70,000 followers (currently Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – soon to be joined by YouTube and TikTok) we make our reach available to you for your advertising. We offer sponsored posts, stories, reposts of your posts and links.

Banner Advertising

We offer advertising space on our blog in the page header, in the sidebar and in the content area where your banner ad can be placed. We are very flexible here. You can sponsor certain pages or whole sections (or the whole blog). We offer banner advertising on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

What else we can do for you

Google Ads (Google Advertising)

We are officially certified „Google Partner“ by Google and have over 15 years of experience in advertising with Google Ads. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are among the most effective ways to advertise online. Potential customers are reached exactly when they are looking for your products or services. We support companies in the optimal design of their campaigns and thus achieve a higher conversion rate.

Webdesign / Homepage / Landingpage

You need a modern homepage or a landing page? We are happy to create websites for hotels, restaurants, sports providers, excursion providers, etc. at extremely low prices. Either for a fixed price or on a rental basis.

You have Questions? Feel free to Contact us!

Interested in a cooperation? We look forward to your enquiry by e-mail or WhatsApp. You want to talk to us directly? Then simply book an appointment for a video or phone call: